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Classic rock is awesome.
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  • how old are you? you're the cooliest and i desire your friendship

    Asked by Anonymous

    I’m old enough to vote but not old enough to legally drink. And if you want to be my friend you can just talk to me~

    I have a fun challenge for you (fun for us). There are some groups/singers you don't like (i.e. KISS and Phil Collins), so here's a unique challenge. Pick a day and post your favorite (or at least the least hated) songs by the groups you aren't fond of. Songs you grudgingly like despite the group, etc. Favorite Phil Collins! ;)

    Asked by Anonymous

    Haha alright then I can do that sometime. I have in the past posted the Phil Collins song that bothers me the least, but I can do it again. I don’t even know what KISS song I can tolerate listening to… I’ll try to do this tomorrow. Thanks!

    i noticed you have some aerosmith songs, what is your opinion about them as a whole? i personally think they suck, i mean, "pink", "dude looks like a lady", ughh awful songs. "walk this way" is decent, but sounds like someone mocking a rock n roll band.

    Asked by Anonymous

    I don’t listen to them a lot or anything but I don’t mind them. They’re alright in my eyes.

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